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Welcome, and a warm hello I\’d love to introduce myself to you: My name is Michael, I\’m 29 and you are into astrology my star sign is Leo, I\’m 183cm from an Australian/Cypriot background. So what I am about? I\’ve been a professional make-up artist fore 8 years.In this role I have worked almost exclusively with women so i have a keen sense of what makes you happy and how to make you feel a million dollars. I know how women like men to conduct themselves, in company and in private. My personal style is elegantly flamboyant which can range from tailored suiting to smouldering rock-star. My grooming is always impeccable. I\’m extremely passionate and have a great appreciate for romance. Ic love and admire women and genuinely am dedicated to you pleasure and enjoyment. Loved ones would describe me as friendly, affectionate and easy going. I am open to offering great companionship, for any social events, or you prefer to spends some quality time alone.


  • One Hour Rate:  $(300)
  • Two Hour Rate:  $(600)
  • Four Hour Rate: $(800)
  • Overnight Hour Rate:  $(1500)
  • PerDay Hour Rate: $(2500)
  • Weekend Hour Rate: $(3000)
  • Weekly Hour Rate: $(5000)
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