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“Mr Torres is officially Australia’s highest reviewed male escort for women and couples. If you are wanting to hire the services of a male escort with class then do it right the first time and book an escort who has a proven track record of providing a world class service every single time”

Male escort sydney

Your desires for a male escort in Sydney who is a strapping, intelligent, and handsome gentleman come true within Andy Torres. Without a doubt Andy is one of the most exciting and in-demand professional male escorts in Australia. Andy has a wide range of clients from Doctors to VIPs to business owners and everything else in-between. He has built rapports with women and couples off all ages and backgrounds, each with their own reason for contacting him. Andy is like a therapist with benefits, he is not like the other male escorts in Sydney who think it’s about the big biceps and abs, but understands that mental and physical stimulation demands a much deeper understanding and a real connection to make the magic happen. When hiring a male escort in Sydney for yourself or with your partner, let’s get one thing straight… You want to make the right choice the first time. If you want someone who is professional, educated, respectful and an elite in the industry then Andy is the escort you need to book. With his long list of top class reviews on Google and many other platforms you can be sure that this Sydney male escort is the real deal. When you find yourself in the position of wanting to hire a male escort in Sydney you can not mentally or physically put yourself in a more vulnerable position, a position that you require someone to share your high values of trust, respect and confidentiality. Andy charges a top rate, but for this you are guaranteed a level of service you will not find anywhere else in Australia, you are guaranteed to feel comfortable, you are guaranteed security and most of all you are guaranteed to walk away from this experience grinning from ear to ear feeling emotionally and physically euphoric.

Whether he is requested to Brisbane, Melbourne or around the local shores of Adelaide, Andy’s unmistakable charm and that stunning accent will make you feel like you have just stepped into a beautiful land afar. This is what makes Andy notoriously known as the ‘ Charmer ‘

Choosing a male escort can be a hard and delicate task and one that should not be taken without much consideration, finding the person who holds all the keys to your inner most needs and physical desires is exactly what you must find in order to call this experience a complete success… what sets Andy aside from the rest of the male Sydney escorts is that he is passionate about the sensualities of music, the enchantment of travelling and the curiosities of raw human nature. However, nothing is more touching than his drive to deliver an experience unlike any other male escort in Australia. Andy is a true professional and knows exactly how to make one smile while making them feel instantly at ease. He is a true romantic, a good listener and he will devote his complete physical and emotional attention to you during your intimate time together. Andy will deepen your wants, heat up your inner most needs and have your body, emotionally and physically begging for more.

Whether you have been enticed by his charm, or it is a first time experience in hiring a male escort in Sydney, maybe your body is tingling to be desired or you are a cheeky couple looking for that spontaneous explosion in the bedroom – Andy possesses the magic touch to calm your nerves and give you sensations you have never felt before.

He is an impressive head-turner, with his incredible physique only amplified by his sharp style. Your lust will only deepen further when he reveals his whole self to you in your chosen private setting. You will instantly be reminded that you have made the right choice by choosing this Sydney male escort who is Andy Torres.

Not only do his red-blooded, masculine features glisten, Andy is just as amorous in intimacy as he is in relaxed conversation while in the setting of a classy restaurant, or in the privacy of your hotel room, where he can breathe his charming accent into your ears as he firmly yet delicately massages your deserving body

Sydney male escort

You’ll be giving into lust, just as you imagined in your wildest fantasies.

Andy is the epitome of an open-minded gentleman; he respects your need for assurance and as always discretion is guaranteed.

So strip away your inhibitions, live in the moment, be spontaneous and cheekily indulge in this unforgettable experience that is Andy Torres…

A Touch of Class..

Mr Torres is without doubt one of the foremost leading male escorts in Sydney, and his services make him a male escort to suit every ones needs. His professional services are regularly requested all over Australia and he frequently makes trips to all corners of the country. He visits, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns and Canberra just to name a few places. If you are not based in Sydney but would like to see him in your own area then you can request a ‘fly me to you’ experience. The prices for services do not change but you will be required to cover the cost of travel and accommodation if you request your own date. On occasions Andy will do a tour on his own accord, If you see a tour advertised in your area and you want to see him during his stay then please get in touch. Please note that city visits normally book out so its best to get in touch sooner

Male Escort Sydney

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A cheeky weekday home visit or last minute hotel engagement

boyfriend experience

Feeling naughty on a Tuesday morning or find yourself browsing for the company of a male escort in Sydney at 3am on a Saturday morning? You can book a male escort last minute like Andy to come and spend a few tantalising hours in your company. Shall you start with drinks at the bar or get straight down and intimate between the sheets? Out-call to your home or hotel anywhere in Sydney


1 hour 500

2 hours $1000

3 hours $1500 ( Most Popular )

A sensational erotic massage for women

tantra for women

Working long hours in a demanding job is the recipe for a tired and sore body that is begging for some attention. A happy ending massage for women is about letting go of those mental and physical knots, a sensational massage for women with a twist of kink! You will start your session with learning how to slow your body down, letting your mind feel every part of your body as you breathe slowly thinking about a male escort massaging every part of your body. While you listen to the soothing music in the background Andy will blindfold you then begin to take all of your clothes off bit by bit, you will begin to drift off into a world of sensations. He will work his hands over your deserving body as he now begins to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. You will begin to twitch, tingle and feel sensations you have never felt before. Your session will include a muscle treatment, teasing, tingling and the inevitable outcome you will be begging for. That very very happy ending that you truly deserve. This is one of the most booked male escorts in Sydney packages for 2hrs.

 1 hour $500

2 hours $1000 ( Most popular )


Sex help & advice

male escorts Sydney

Most other male escorts in Sydney are a one trick pony, what separates Andy as a male with a difference is he has been helping women and couples from all over the world with their bedroom problems and has filled a gap in the market for ladies requiring a beautiful man for a social date. Dates may involve trips to the cinema, dinner dates with friends or exploring nature out of the city. There is no type of social event that Mr Torres can not attend with you and he certainly is the boyfriend you would like to be seen with! Aswell as social date he also offers many ladies an couples dating and relationship advice. Every relationship has it’s little bumps and sometimes it takes reaching out to the person who has much experience with the issue you are trying to solve. Regardless of your circumstances, he is a male escort who is open minded and willing to help. A male escort with professional experience, which has helped women who have never been able to orgasm, aren’t sure how to kiss or struggle to chat men up, just to name a few. A male escort with years of experience in helping women and couples with all aspects of the bedroom, emotional and physical. From the most simple issues to the most complex. So no matter if you need to hire a boyfriend for the evening or if you need some advice on a bedroom matter he can offer his years of experience, knowledge and practical skills to help you get your confidence back or stand out from the crowd with your stunning plus one. What you will receive is confidentiality, respect and guaranteed progress.


1 hour $500

2 hours $1000

3 hours $1500 ( Most Popular )

Lets break the ice over dinner or drinks, before ending the night with fireworks

male escorts sydney

What better way to get to know someone than over a fine wine and a romantic meal in the heart of beautiful Sydney. Andy is a local male escort in Sydney, he knows all the cosy places to enjoy each others company. If you are someone who wants to take things slow with a male escort then why not inquire about a dinner date, get to know each other through deep, real conversation and a cheeky dessert. This is a great way to relax and feel instantly at ease. After dinner you can end the night with the ultimate ecstasy.


1 hour 500

2 hours $1000

3 hours $1500 ( Most Popular )

Male Escort For Couples

male escorts sydney

 If you are a couple who like, or wants to try cuckold, that extra spice in your love life then look no further than Mr Torres. Booking a male escort who knows how to operate with couples is a necessity With this being a very popular package Andy has been flown out of Sydney on many occasions to meet his lucky couple as he is one of the leading male sex workers in Sydney. He has much experience in spending time with couples and is one of the leading couples male escorts in Sydney for this type of experience. What separates Andy’s male escort services from the rest is he understands the need for respect while delivering a fun and unforgettable experience for everyone. In order to get the most enjoyment out of your booking with Andy, being comfortable and relaxed is the key to our time together. Sharing a few drinks over conversation is a great way for everyone to feel right at ease. As time goes on, things will get more intimate and the real fun will unfold.


1 hour $650

2 hours $1300 ( Most Popular )


Male Escort Sydney

If you can’t decide between hiring one of the best couples male escorts in Sydney or a female escort then you really need to book Mr Torres and his partner. Andy has had the pleasure of meeting some stunning girls in Sydney and has been able to offer the couple experience to wanting clients. A male escort plus a female escort, what could go wrong! Booking another couple is the perfect way for everyone to get their needs met whilst not leaving anyone out. Shall you swap sides for an hour then met up in the middle at the end?


1 hour – $1,600

An overnight extravaganza – The package you really need to book!

Male Escorts

If you are looking for a more in depth experience with a male escort in Sydney a booking where we can really get down and deep then you need to book Andy for an over night stay. Why not start the evening in the beautiful Darling Harbour in Sydney, get to know each other over some wine and laughter. You could either cook him one of your favourites or you could dress up and hit the town then get more involved over a mouth watering meal. The night is then for you to choose what path you take. Are you someone who would prefer to dance the night away to your favourite music or do you want to run a hot bath under romantic vibes and scented candles? A male escort who can meet all your needs in the one night. The joys of booking an overnight extravaganza is that when the fireworks have finally ended, you can both get comfortable and snuggle down for the night, then wake up and do it all over again! Which ever path you do take, we can guarantee your night will be one to remember.



Fly me to you – When you know what you really want

male escort

Hiring a male escort is a big deal, and it is equally important to find the right companion suited to your personality and needs. If you are not based in Sydney then not to worry… Andy is no stranger to being flown around Australia and internationally, he is a regular at the airports and has been requested in cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, New Caledonia and Singapore, flying to meet his lucky lady or couple. If you are requiring the best that is on offer, then book Andy to come and spend a tantalising night in your company. 



The Queen Experience – Put on your Tiara and let me devote an entire 24/48hrs to you!

sydney male escort

 If time is no boundary then why not look into booking Andy for a 24 or 48hr date? This experience has proved very popular in 2019, and one you should really consider if you want to go all out. This real boyfriend experience is male escort date which is very popular . Andy prefers to be a male escort with class, to spend a longer time with his clients, to build rapports with his clients. Did you want to start the day with breakfast? Lets pack a picnic and head out of the busy city for a romantic adventure leaving behind all those things on your mind. Or did you want to meet for dinner? We could start the day with a liquid lunch and strip off to lay beside the swimming pool in each others company? An endless array possibilities for the most exciting and special 24 hours you will ever experience!


24 hours – 6,000

48 hours – $10,500

Adventure packages – Passports at the ready!

male escort sydney

If you want to take a male escort on a romantic holiday then you can stop searching now. There is no denying that being in a relationship has its perks. That morning coffee he made you in bed or that 1 pm text to say he cant wait to see you soon! One of the most exciting parts of being in a relationship is going on holidays, crazy trips through the French streets to the long sunny days drinking cocktails in the sun. Have you ever wanted to just get out of the city, book a last minute trip for a change of scenery but don’t want to go alone? Well you’re in luck! Andy is the male escort in Sydney who has the solution to your problem, he has been to some amazing destinations around the world with his companions and he always has his passport on hand. He loves nothing more than the adrenaline heading to the airport for a trip of a life time. Cairns, Singapore, The Bahamas… Let your mind wander and then start planning the trip of a life time with the travel boyfriend you have always wanted!


3 days – $+4500

4 days – $+4500

Gifts are always appreciated but not always expected...

Wish List

 Aftershave – One million

Gift cards – Surprise me

Food – Surprise me

Art – Surprise me

Designer – LV, Gucii, Cartier


Favourite things

Scent- Coconut, lemon

Food – Steak & Green Tea

Music – Tropical house

Alcohol – Cocktails

Relaxation – Massages

A deeper me...

Aside from working as a male escort in Sydney I am a very motivated person who loves to travel and keep fit, my training regime is intense and I also compete in power-lifting competitions. Having a strong body is one thing, but it is nothing without a strong mind. Everyday I make time to exercise, drink green tea and listen to the latest podcasts while hoping to catch up with Tony Robbins at one of his seminars. I have a strong interest in human behavioural patterns, psychology and the understanding of raw human nature. Everything in and about our lives starts with a mental thought, so once you can begin to understand this and how your brain works and processes thoughts then everything else will fall into place.

Aswell as keeping fit and listening to neurological podcasts I also love to travel. I have travelled to about 25+ countries including nearly all of Australia. I have some amazing memories such as riding an old a motorbike through Vietnam for a month and walking over frozen lakes in the Canadian Rockies at midnight while listening to the wolves howling as i gazed at the full moon.

When i am not performing as a male escort I love to spend my time in nature. I appreciate the little things in life like the sound of rain drops hitting my window as I lay in bed and that breath of fresh air by the sea. I have done photography for about 7 years and have spent countless hours out in nature expressing my imagination through a lens. 

I think I am quite a modern minimalist type of person who benefits from adventures and experiences which enrich our soles. I do enjoy a nice watch or a luxury item but I keep myself grounded with fun experiences. On my list this year I plan to make it to Africa to see the worlds wildlife roaming in their natural habitat and if I am really lucky, the endangered mountain gorillas of which is there only 790 currently left. That being said, one day i will have my Lamborghini and a house that I have built and designed to park it in.

Male Escorts Sydney

Male escort agency

When you decide to start the process of a male escort date in Australia, or male escort in Sydney date you will come across two main options. Choosing to book through an agency or directly via an independent male escort Sydney. male escort agencies tend to just get as many people onto their books as possible. Screening for quality and professionalism does not happen, for them it’s about quantity rather than quality. Though they do offer Asian male escorts, black male escorts and others. You can find Brisbane escorts & Melbourne escorts also. They are running the scheme purely to make money from other people rather than the male escorts in Sydney who love what they do. I think when booking a male escort its extremely important that you get to talk to that person via email or text then a phone call. When booking through agency you can’t speak to any of the male escorts you might want to book, but rather some man or women who is running many different profiles. This doesn’t seem like a very genuine or authentic experience. Never more there is many common horror stories of agencies being extremely controlling, sending different people from what you book and just blatant lying about what you are getting. My advice when booking a male escort in Sydney, female escorts or anywhere else in Australia is to book directly from the source, read the reviews and speak to the person on the phone first to make sure you both are on the same page.

Where can you find a male escort Sydney?

I am based in the eastern suburbs but my services is available in the Parramatta, and all over Sydney. You can find my services on offer in Sydney city such as darling harbour and circular Quay.  If you are based in the Suburbs then I can also come to places like Manly, Cronulla, Double Bay, Parramatta and Gladesville. Other suburbs you can find my services are places like Bankstown, Kellyville, Neutral bay, Mosman and in Liverpool. My services are available over Sydney in the morning, afternoon an night. If you are looking for premium, high class, elite, or top of the class services I am your guy. You can also find me in Newcastle, Wollongong, Central coast. I am availble 24hrs a day. Morning, afternoon and late at night.

Picking your male escorts

When you finally decide that you are going to do it next comes the searching! You will soon see there is plenty of male prostitutes for women and couples to choose from! You can find Asian male escorts, black male escorts, straight male escorts, last minute male escorts. When it comes to picking your male escort prostitute in Sydney you have really 3 things you should be looking at. One being his photos, two being his profile and three being his reviews. We live in a world in 2020 where everything is about reviews and male escorts are no different. Being able to read about what other women and couples in Sydney have experienced is a great way to be able to see if the male escort Sydney you are looking at steps up to the mark. Clients will usually always review good service so make sure and have a look at your male escorts review. The second thing is photos. What does the his photos say about him and his personality? Male escorts Sydney tend have all different photos. Does the male escort you are looking at look friendly, open, easy going and or do they look fit, naughty and everything else you are looking for? A male escorts profile is one great way to find out more in detail about your male escort Sydney. How does he write, what does he write about? There is a variety of male escorts Sydney who have different hobbies and live their lives in different ways. You can read alot from someone’s profile and with all the male escorts Sydney its best to put in the effort to try and find one who works for you!


A male escort services

Hiring one of the male escorts Sydney is quite a big and you want to get it right the first time. Calling a male escort is not usually something that happens every week, its more like that holiday or weekend break that you take every month or two. When you are going on your holidays do you stay in a hostel or a nice hotel? Oh course you book the hotel! Hiring a male escort is definitely not something to which you should take cheap option. You want to hire the best male escort, a male escort at the top of his game, the professional male escort Sydney that charges a top rate because he is worth every cent! Now I am certainly not a straight male escort in Sydney who charge less money are bad at their job…. but you don’t get a Ferrari for the price of a Holden… I do charge a top rate due to my experiences as a male escort with class, and I am very busy. I work every single week, do overnight bookings every single month and have been booked for over ten 24hr/48hr dates in 2019. I don’t sell sex which is different than most other male escorts. I sell a boyfriend experience, a real true and authentic experience. I talk to my clients everyday and build strong connections. Even though it is my profession I am still being 100%. So if you are looking for a straight male escort Sydney and are struggling to pick one. I say reach out to me… give me a text and we can have an easy going chat on the phone. Yes it can be daunting and scary, but I can promise you now that my service will exceed your expectations in every way and you wont look back!


Why do people book a male escort in Sydney

Women and couples book male escorts Sydney for many different reasons. A male escort will not always provide the same services and not all clients want to someone from a male prostitute website for the same reasons. Lets split this into two sections. First lets talk about why couples hire male escorts Sydney. Most couples want to try something new and spice up their sex life. I have had couples of all ages contact me from 18 – 50s. Couples who are comfortable with each other and want to explore might call the male escorts Sydney and see what services they offer. I have found working as a male escort Sydney that all the couples are so friendly and easy going, genuine nice people who want to try something new. Nearly all the straight male escorts Sydney offer a male escorts couples service and its very popular, every second time my phone rings its from a couple. When a single women books a male escort Sydney it could be due to a divorce, a bucket list, just wanting sex or needing a moral boost. Not everyone who calls a male escort from a male prostitute website do so because they are stuck in some patch or need advice but a lot of them just want a male escort Sydney who is fun and can meet their needs on demand. This is why you should be yourself all the time working as a male escort Sydney, you spend a lot of time with your clients and you need to feel comfortable as much as they do. Women do not want a male escort Sydney who pretends to enjoy their company but does, all the time. Male escorts Sydney who act or pretend in this profession wont do very well. Check out the etiquette and blog page here

Straight male escort

For the people that read my website in two seconds or 25 min its very clear to read that I am a straight male escort and my companion services in Sydney only extends to couples and females. I find that the vast majority of people read this and respect my stance on it but there is always that 1% who decide to try and test the limits. There is very strong boundaries to who I run a male escort business and nothing or no amount of money will make me stray away from that. I do find it very disrespectful when guys approach me and ask for a service that I absolutely do not provide. I am always extremely polite to my clients and people who are interested in my services but when I have guys who think just because I am a male escort its a free for all then I very abruptly stop them in their tracks. Working a male escort is no different to anything else. We all have our own rules, boundaries and system as to who things will work and be managed and this is one of the golden rules of my business, these under no circumstances will ever be broken. So for any guys reading this, read the info of the male escort you are contacting and if the male escort says he sees only women and couples then do not contact, and if you do, don’t be surprised if you get shot down fast and heavy.


A male escort schedule

Working as a male escort professional I do not really have normal hours. My elite male escort services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That being said I do not work everyday and make sure to keep plenty of time for my other projects and down time. Being in a customer service profession you need to be available when the customer wants you and working as a premium Sydney male escort is no different. You can contact me for last minute bookings or you can book ahead up to 6 weeks in advance. I do get a lot of enquires and I prefer around one weeks notice, but as mentioned I am happy to do last minute booking requests. Hiring one of the high class male escorts can be a very spontaneous and last minute decision and this is why I make myself available during these periods. If you are making general enquiries in advance I would request to do these during working hours and not late at night. I am a male escort who travels all around Australia and usually leave each Sunday to visit a new city. It is hard to find a good elite male escorts so if you see someone you really like then I suggest waiting to meet them rather than meeting a male escort which is not fully suited to your needs. A lot of women want to hire a male escort for an erotic massage service and this is something I am very good at. To hire a local male escort means that the Sydney male escort you choose could be at your place of choice in a very short time. Not all male escorts who advertise in Sydney are locals so its best to look for a male escort who is based here if you want a last minute booking with a straight male escort. 

Is the male escort industry growing?

When I started working as a male sex worker in Sydney there was not many other guys offering the straight male escorts service. There was only a  male escort or few who actually advertised on just a couple of male prostitute websites so everyone else knew who was working at that time. Male escorts Sydney has certainly become more popular and there is now a lot more male escorts advertising. To become a male escort Sydney is pretty easy. You just need to put on ad online and you can be online in a few hours. I really enjoy working as male prostitute in Sydney and think its a rewarding job. As a high class companion you get to meet really nice people and go on fun random adventures. Most male escorts for women will say the same. Becoming an elite companion will change your outlook on a lot of things and you will grow as a person. Male escorts Sydney is something that people do for a couple of years then move onto another career. While the adventure is fun working as a male escort can be quite restricting on your social life and it’s not always as easy as it sounds. To be a male escort in Sydney you need to understand the business you are in and then become successful and find your own corner. Having your niche in the male escort Sydney business is not easy but everyone can find their corner. There is a lot of space yet for male escorts Sydney to join and to be successful at the job. Please note I do not offer any sort of mentoring or jobs.

A male escort with a difference

Like all of the other male escorts in Sydney for couples my services are constantly being improved and new services added. I find that with new movies that come out and how people follow social media the sex trends change and with that comes the new requests. 50 shades of grey really made a difference in how woman talked about sex an what they wanted. A male escort in Sydney seen a big change in sexual requests and things got a little more intimate and deep. Premium male escorts in Sydney said the most popular booking request was the Sydney boyfriend experience. Boyfriend experience in Sydney has always been a very popular one and male companions in Sydney love getting involved in these types of bookings. Most women want kisses, to be cuddled, treated like and queen and shown the respect they truly deserve. With every business in male escorts are open to change and are always adapting to our clients wants and desires. Being one of the straight male escort in Sydney I want to please every women and couple that I meet and let them experience something that they have never experienced before. Lots of male escorts Sydney do the same thing over and over again but Mr Torres has a long list of services and that is why he is one of the top male escorts Sydney! Other services which are requested are erotic massage for women, or a happy ending massage for women in Sydney. A sensational massage for women is very kinky and popular. There is also other adult services such as bdsm, losing your virginity with a straight male escort, squirting, anal, and other adult services which some guys might offer.

Isolation n Chill !?

Bring some fun to your day!

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