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Happy ending massage for women in Sydney

As everyone knows there is not one suburb in Sydney that does not have a happy ending massage parlour for men. Each suburb has an array of places for guys to walk into any day of the week, then have their needs met. I think it is sexist that the same is not available for women who want to book a happy ending massage in Sydney. Why is there many places for men but no erotic massages for women anywhere in Sydney. Men these days seem to get off with a lot more and the rules that apply to women seem not to apply to them.

An erotic massage for women

When i started offering my services to females I soon come to find that certain requests were more popular than others. For example going out for dinner was not soo popular while overnight stays was very popular. Dating advice in the bedroom was not very popular yet women looking for sensational massages was very popular. Being a professional escort I knew that this was something of a niche service in the industry that no one else offered and it was something that I should learn properly in order to provide an experience that my clients will fall in love with. So what makes a massage sensation or erotic one might ask? Well as the saying goes you got a start point and a finish point, the sensational happy ending as one knows. In between I like to provide the women with a proper massage. I like to work on their sore muscles and clicking joints. This allows the lady to relax and slow get into the mood. As the massage progresses I like to focus my attention on the legs.. working slowly up each leg one by one. Using my fingers, pressure and nails to raise your heartbeat and play with those nerves. Blindfolded and with your mind racing I will begin to edge closer to your vagina as you open your legs inviting me to come closer, but I wont, for now

Teasing, tingling and begging for more

Just like sex the fun is in the build up, the begging for more and the teasing along the way. Nearing to the end of the massage your body will be in over drive and your sexual tension ready to overflow… The joys with my massage for women service is it can happy anywhere may that be a hotel or in your own house. If you are wanting to experience a massage with a kink of twist then get in touch now and give your sexual emotional a rollercoaster like never before.

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