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Welcome to the online booking system, Bookings made easy….

Please fill in the form below, then choose your date and time to submit your booking request.

When you are contacting Mr Torres please try and give as much information as possible about yourself and the booking type you are interested in. Providing this information to him really helps him provide the best possible response and service. Sometimes it can be hard to discuss intimate details in person so having the option to write down how you are feeling and what you would like to get from your date is a great option. Andy is there to make your experience as enjoyable as possible and he will always try and accommodate your needs. Any special requests and instructions will always be noted. 

All bookings are prepaid in advance by online banking or via credit card. This means all the business side of things must be taken care off at the time of the booking confirmation. Andy will not be able to confirm your date until it is paid for in full. 

Your privacy is guaranteed at all times