Mr Torres

Please abide by the etiquette at all times


All costs occurred during your time together should be picked up by the client this includes drinks, taxi, food. All bookings will be required to cover the cost of a return Uber. Please note that if you pay via online transfer, you will need to provide a screenshot of the payment which has been processed.


Safety is one of the most important things to Mr Torres. Your personal info and confidentiality is a top priority and this will never be jeopardised.

Safe sex is always practised and is not negotiable under any circumstances.


All photos are recent and an exact representation of how Mr Torres looks. Please do not ask for any explicit photos as this is very disrespectful. Photography is not permitted during your time together. If any photography is attempted your booking will be terminated immediately without a refund.

Service Rates

The service rates are listed and are never open to negotiation, so please do not ask. If you can’t pay the rate, please do not contact Andy.

Service Offerings

The services are for females and couples only. They do not extend to men or trans under any circumstances.

First Contact

When contacting Andy please do not call from a private number. Your confidentiality is guaranteed at all times. He will not answer withheld numbers. Please supply basic details such as your booking request and some information regarding yourself so he can reply accordingly.