Mr Torres

Male escorts are making a difference

Gone were the days in my life where I was travelling the world without a care in sight, waking up in a different city each week and flicking through all the coins in my pockets from different currencies. Everyone goes through a stage in their where they are living for the moment and where they have no real plans in sight for the future or where they are currently going with their life. For me that time was in my 20s. I did have an amazing 20’s as I giggle back at all those random memories which come to mind. But working as one of the male escorts Sydney there comes a point in everyone’s life where you start to question what is life all about, what am I doing and where am I going next? 

Male escorts Sydney is a stepping stone

For me the past 3 years have been an amazing journey much like many other male escorts Sydney and I have invested a lot of time into the direction of where my life is heading and where I want to end up. It would be very unfair of myself to say that I was never this way really. I have always worked out, ate healthy and had some idea of where I was going. Though there is a big difference in having an idea where you want to end up and proactively taking big steps about chasing those dreams. I can’t be one of the male escorts Sydney forever.

Are you really making a difference?

The point I can address now is what am I actually doing right now. Well, working as one of the Sydney male escorts I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I want to be that person that is there for that someone in the time of need. That person who can make that someone smile when times are tough and they need a shoulder to lean on. I want to be the knight in shining armour who comes to the rescue while fulfilling my needs too. I have said on many occasions that being one of the male escorts Sydney is soo much more than just intimacy. It is about providing a professional service that women can not find anywhere else. Everything comes down to supply and demand and if you are very good at being a male escort then there is a lot of demand and very little supply. From the countless reviews, sweet messages and calls to say thanks I can confidently say that I am making a difference in many people’s lives. For now I am very satisfied with how my career is going and that what I am doing is making a difference.

Everyone needs an end goal

But where am I going and how is all this gonna play out? For most male escorts Sydney this is the hard part. Male and female escorts come into this industry planning to stay for a year, save up some money and leave better off financially, but as we all know in such a lucrative industry it can be sometimes hard to leave when the benefits that 99% of other jobs pay will no where near match your current situation. This can be dangerous. I have always been very business minded and have got a clear path and one which is currently in progress on my plans for the future. If someone decides to go out and become a lawyer and they are very good at that job then why leave and do something totally different. I feel I am verified to say that I am an expert in this industry and it would not be a smart move to just drop everything and change onto something brand new. I will continue what I am doing for the next 1-2 years then I will be ready to move into another sector of the adult business. I have very big plans already in progress and plan to do more of a managing side of things rather on the front end. My goal is not just to do with the male escorts Sydney or even in Australia but globally!! To be a remodel and adviser and provide a place where people can advertise professionally. Having the experience that I do and being financially secure I am in the perfect place to make this happen. So for now I keep doing what i’m doing and working on my master plan to take over the world!