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The world today is not as we have ever known it in our generation. Cinemas, schools, and sex services all deemed non essential businesses were shut during the peak for COVID-19. The corona virus has disrupted nearly every single industry including the male escort Sydney scene and has turned the world on its head. In January when many businesses were booming including the Sydney male escorts scene, now only 4 months later and already many have fallen hard and went bankrupt. The busy streets of Sydney is now a ghost town as the tumbleweeds blow past during peak hour. As the tough times continue for many businesses including male escorts Sydney the many sectors have turned to other ways of keeping the income flowing, even if just in dribbles rather than free flowing. The QT hotel was doing special delivered cocktails in fancy hampers while many shops were offering takeaway only food. Male escort services were pushed hard against the wall and male escorts had to come up with more plans to stay afloat.

Male escort service Sydney – Online?

The sex industry in Sydney is no different and has been hit hard with many lock down measures. Male escorts were not able to operate anywhere near the capacity that they were, and the vast majority of sex workers were not able to work at all. As like many other businesses the male escorts Sydney have turned to offering online services to their clients. Platforms such as snapchat, onlyfans and Skype have become major players in the sex industry game. The way these sites work is the user pays a subscription fee for daily new content uploaded by the owner of the account. On Skype you can pay for video calls or daily photos on snapchat.

While I fully support other male escorts in Sydney expanding their business and reaching out to new clients via any method possible. This is not something that I am interested in pursuing in my male escort profession. I am in the position where I have only seen a small drop in business during covid. I have some amazing regular clients who look after me very well and I have been treated better than I could ever ask for. The second reason is that these male escort online services do not fall into my business plan. I have always said that I am not selling sex, im not selling my body nor am I selling something that is purely my physical form. I am selling experiences that are mostly about me as a person, with the added benefits that this includes some physical time. My business is all about the boyfriend experience and this is not something that can be achieved online by selling some videos or photos of myself. 

A true boyfriend experience isn’t online

For my male escort business plan to work properly I need to be with my clients in person, sipping cocktails at a nice bar along the water, chatting some weird conversation in the shower at 2am or relaxing in a hotel room while I am giving a sexy tantric massage to the lucky women. You see, to provide a real boyfriend experience in Sydney this requires sooo much more than just the physical male form. It requires you to be extremely attentive, caring, passionate and living totally in that moment with your date and this can obviously only be done in person.. I feel if I was to start offering online adult services which is not what Andy Torres is about then I would be straying away from what has made me successful in this business, and I certainly do not want to do that. There is absolutely no right or wrong or good or bad opinions here, but just rather simply, online services do not work for me. 

My Sydney male escort date is in person only

If you have been following me online and want to get a taste of my male escort services for women and couples in Sydney then the only way to achieve this is to meet me in person and experience what the boyfriend experience is all about. I have seductive male escort services for every occasion. My most common date is 3/4 hours but I can also accommodate 2 hour bookings if this works better for you. I do not do 1 hour bookings anymore as this is just too short for the experience I am trying to provide. Most people are happy to book 3 hours, while some others might think this is far too long, but trust me when I say that 3 hours will disappear in the blink of an eye, and it is very common for me to get booking extensions.

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