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In 2020 we live in a world where everything is so fast paced. People are always rushing around to meet work deadlines and stuck on social media talking to their fake internet friends who they never see in real life. What ever happened to the days when we lived without social media and all the distractions that are surrounding us today. In a sad way I think we live like robots…. Doing the same thing day in and day out. A, B, C, D….. it’s all so systematic and predictable. A world where there is so much pressure to perform and be the best at everything. If trying to catch that next promotion at work is not stressful enough you only have to open a magazine or turn on the tv for a few seconds before they tell you how overweight you are, why you need to buy this amazing new frying pan or how you can not pass this deal on some pointless item that you don’t even need.

Hire the ‘real McCoy’ male escort in Sydney

I think every generation of humans that ever lived will always say the saying that everyone else before them said and they believe it only applies to them now. “ Back in the day “ is usually how it starts followed by some story of how people were nicer to each other or they were happier because we didn’t have such things as social media or tv adverts promoting beauty services that are supposed to make you feel better. What I do think is while that saying is true to every generation as we are constantly evolving….I believe we are in a time in our history where things are moving faster and we are developing at an exponential rate.

With all the craziness that we have to deal with day in and day out we need to find the time to pamper and treat ourselves, to let loose, relax, and get in touch with our feelings and emotions. I don’t think there is any woman out there who says that they can not think of the most perfect and amazing evening if they could decide how it was to play out. We all have our fantasies and deep wants and desires. While even in most relationships the honeymoon period dies away pretty fast and the sparkles and little romantic gestures fade away pretty fast. Then if you are single I guess you could always light yourself a candle and sprinkle a few rose petals on the bed huh, not really the same is it?

This is where the role of a sexy straight male escort in Sydney comes in aka – Me! I am the guy who comes with no strings, no hassle, no comebacks or worries. I am the male escort in Sydney who gets to deliver all those wants and desires on a gold plate with all your sparkles and rose petals while you sit and indulge in this unforgettable experience that will make your mouth water every time you think about it. For this is essentially what a male escort should do. It’s not about coming over for a quick f*ck and leaving. This is not tinder, or bumble or any other dating app where you get a random, dodgy and usually quite disappointing 25 seconds of sex before he does his belt up again and takes off….. Leaving you staring at the wall wondering why you just did what you did. 

Male escorts Sydney was a dream until now

Hiring a male escort service in Sydney such as myself is more along the lines of you are the Queen and I am your sexy butler who obeys all your orders and I am there to please you to the fullest while providing an array of random factual information and the odd cheesy joke. In all seriousness though, I do know quite a lot of random facts!! Sex is easy to get for most women and they do not need to hire one of the male escorts in Sydney to get this. But offering a boyfriend experience that is real, seductive and effortless is where the real deal is. If you are in the position of wanting to feel human again in a robotic world, to get your heart beating and your juices flowing then you know what  you have to do. You have to reach out to a male escort in Sydney like myself and make it happen. All that you need to do is come to me and explain what it is you would like to experience. Now this is not some seedy conversation where you will tick boxes of everything you want to experience. I am a very easy going person, a great conversationalist and I can easily read people. Once we have a brief chat on the phone then I make the magic happen from there. I like to be able to choose the best hotels in Sydney, the best bar or restaurant that will work best for my clients date. Being able to plan a boyfriend experience so good that it feels like a dream is not easily done. It comes with much experience and knowledge of women and the industry and that is something that I certainly have.

So when contacting one of the male escorts in Sydney, ask yourself this first. What is it you are actually wanting from this experience? Are you wanting a male escort for short sex to get the job done or are you wanting a date with a professional male escort that will provide an experience that until now you can only dream of having? For most women hiring male escort services the answer is the same. Every woman wants to feel special and to be treated how they deserve to be treated, like a queen!

If you are feeling raunchy and in need of some attention then reach out to a professional escort in Sydney and get the ‘ The real McCoy’….after all.. You wouldn’t call your plumber to come and fix your call would you 😉

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