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Having been nervous as heck when even looking for a male escort I had idea what i was doing. When i seen Andy's profile he stood out to me. I wanted someone who I could connect with aswell as of course have some amazing kisses and bedroom time. From the first phone call I knew i made the right call. Andy is very professional, well spoken and listened to everything that I said. I actually felt I had known him for years after 10mins which is strange, i know!

My night spent with him was everything that I could ever have wanted. Every box was ticked and even today as I smell his aftershave on my top I think back to last night and how much fun i really had!!! I cant wait to do it again!!!


Sydney 31st May

When I seen his site i knew he would be good. I called and booked 2hrs in the merition on kent street from his website recommendations Had so much fun. He is not the same as the other male escorts in Sydney. A more professional and fun experience than i had before. Def worth his salt and I will be seeing this sydney male escort again!


Sydney 2nd April

I wasn't sure about the whole hiring a Sydney male escort thing but I'm glad I reached out to Andy. We had a date at my place making drinks and then let the evening flow from there. I was super happy and satisfied with how everything went!!! This guy is the male escort Sydney was missing!


Sydney 19rd March 21

Mr is very attractive with an amazing body but he makes you his focus. He wants to make you feel special and attend to all your needs and desires. He will make you feel very comfortable. His very respectful and discreet and goes above and beyond to make the experience with him enjoyable. I highly recommend Mr Torres. You won't be disappointed. X


Sydney 3rd March 21



Sydney 20th Feb 21

Ahhh those things in life which make you smile on a cloudy morning.... Andy is one of those special memories which really makes me smile! I contacted Andy and I was surprised he replied, i wasnt sure what to expect. The whole process from step 1 was smooth and comforting. I knew from the moment we spoke on the phone that he was a professional and took his profession seriously and that everything would work out well. Our date together actually felt like we were long lost friends reigniting after a long time apart. He is cool, calm and well spoken. We spoke about medical, history, politics and travels, i was pretty impressed at his well rounded knowledge in a lot of subjects. He has beautiful eyes, a sleek smile and is quite the comedian. If I could find someone like Andy to date in the real world I would be a very very happy woman.... .

Mr is very attractive with an amazing body but he makes you his focus. He wants to make you feel special and attend to all your needs and desires. He will make you feel very comfortable. His very respectful and discreet and goes above and beyond to make the experience with him enjoyable. I highly recommend Mr Torres. You won't be disappointed. X


Sydney 10th Feb 21

I recently met Mr Torres on his tour to Melbourne. I was going through a little bit of a low point and although I had never used an escort service before I had always been open to this idea. I felt what better time to go for it. I found Mr Torres and in meeting him realised his reviews 100% matched him in person. He genuinely listened and was very attentive. He offered words of encouragement and advice and you could tell it come from an honest place. Mr made me feel good about myself again. He made me feel important and beautiful. And from the second we met he was so easy going, so much so that all my nerves subsided immediately. He made me laugh, which is just what I needed. I could of chat with Andy all night. A world of knowledge and a smart man with a positive outlook on life.
Mr is very attractive with an amazing body but he makes you his focus. He wants to make you feel special and attend to all your needs and desires. He will make you feel very comfortable. His very respectful and discreet and goes above and beyond to make the experience with him enjoyable. I highly recommend Mr Torres. You won't be disappointed. X


- Melbourne 29th Nov 2020

This was not my first time with Andy nor will it be my last time, however I have to say every experience is different, I learn and experience something new and exactly what I want. He always leaves me feeling empowered and beautiful. I recommend a massage, blindfolded with music and candles - what an experience. Never felt so vulnerable and yet the anticipation excited me. So much pleasure! What I love about Andy is I send him a message before our date to tell him what I need and he delivers. He is everything you need.


- Sydney 15th Nov 2020

I had a great night with Andy. The whole experience was very relaxed and natural. He’s a great conversationalist and very easy going. He’s polite, professional and was a pleasure to meet.


- Sydney 30th August 2020

Some might think ahh... naa... These types of situations might pass through your head and you wouldn’t think it’s even normal, but guess what it is!!! And Andy makes every moment as if he has known you for years. He and I clicked on conversation because he just knew how to make it flow and believe me we clicked on other things as well 😉 Mr Torres is very comforting, professional and ladies extremely good at what he does. First time, regular or just need that 1 last time.... Just make the best decision ever and see when this handsome man is free 😉 You will thank me later xx You only live once and Andy will make sure it’s happy sensations and good vibes all round !


- Sydney 23rd August 2020

I booked an overnight with Andy after seeing him 3 other times in Sydney. It is always an absolute pleasure to be in his company and I spend the next day smiling from ear to ear. He is a professional and one of the top male escorts in Australia, which is why I keep coming back!


- Sydney 5th August 2020

My experience was so bloody fun. I was feeling a little adventurous and rang Andy at the stat of July to come over for a drink. I wanted to see him for 1 hour but he informed me that his min was 2 hours.. I agreed. Within minutes of him arriving I was super happy I booked the 2 hours. We had great conversation and plenty of laughs. The bedroom time was amazing and he is very skilled at what he does! I actually ended up extending another 2 hours!! lol A fun and very exciting evening for me. Thanks Andy


- Sydney 18th July 2020

I have been seeing Mr Torres now for about 8 months. Every time I see him I am super excited as I know our time together will be soo much fun! He is always in a top mood, happy and very charming. I look forward to many more overnight bookings, dinner dates and eating ice cream at the beach in the sun! xxx


- Sydney 8th July 2020

I met Andy for the first time last week, and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself! He was so charming, made me feel at ease instantly and we had great conversation. He was so genuine and omg so handsome! He was an amazing kisser and those hands and everything else made the magic happen!!. I will for sure want to see him many more times.


- Sydney 25th June 2020

I am based in Melbourne and have seen a couple of escorts there. While my past experiences were ok I felt that they never really reached my high expectations and I was left feeling longing. I had seen Andy's profile in Sydney and read his reviews and I knew that this guy was what I was missing in my life. So i rang up and was instantly made feel at ease from his irish accent. I booked an overnight 3 weeks and it was done! The experience for me personally was so refreshing, authentic and real! I really don't like when men feel they are there to put on a show or act like they are in some dodgy porno. With Andy it felt like we had been dating for years and my comfort around him was quite scary! The bedroom time was so much fun, he knows what he is doing and he knows how to present himself in a manner that is highly sexual but yet with so much class. I had saved this money to buy some new items for myself but i decided to spend it on myself in another way and it was the best decision I have made in a long time. I am still glowing!


- Sydney 22nd June 2020

I asked Andy to come on a bush walk with me to get to know him better before thinking of taking the plunge. Kiss hello – tick; carried my water bottle the whole way – tick; non stop great conversation – definitely tick; when discussing more private things, stopped or changed what he was saying if anyone else coming the other way – big tick; tested the rocks to see if they weren’t slippery before going across the creek – yeah, another tick and the list goes on. I might not have said anything but I did notice all the little things he did to make me feel special, safe and cared for. There were no awkward moments, it was like we had known each other for years. I am going to be smiling for weeks as Andy showed me ( and treated me) the way every woman should be treated and I have not had that for a long time.


- Sydney 11th May 2020

I’ve been on 3 dates with Andy in the past two months. These words best sum up this amazing man. Smart, sexy, respectful, classy, engaging, amazing kisser, sensual...the list could go on, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination
Andy made me feel so comfortable and at ease that I never felt like I was engaging in an act of disrepute. On the contrary, every occasion felt like I was meeting a boyfriend I’ve known for some time. Every date went by so quickly, I never wanted our time together to end. I’m definitely hooked!! and for you ladies thinking about taking the plunge, I have no hesitation in recommending this gorgeous man, Andy. x


- Sydney 20th April 2020

Meeting Andy was an absolute treat! He was fun, charming and an incredible communicator. I’m so glad I took the leap and reached at to him. My initial chat with Andy took my by surprise he was open-minded, articulate and so easy to talk to. He knows how to build rapport and connection so seamlessly.

Andy took my breath away! He is so handsome, always attentive and loads of fun. He is a real gentlemen, always respectful and thoughtful. He made me feel sexy, safe and so liberated! His stunning smile and gentle banter was so pleasurable. I really enjoyed his company and had so much fun with him. ‘Beyond my expectation!’

Andy made my experience unforgettable and I am so grateful to him.

If you’re thinking about reaching out to him take the leap - you won’t look back trust me! I can’t wait to see him again!

Thank you so much Andy!! You are incredible!


- Melbourne 3rd April 2020

I’ve hired Andy a few times in the past two months and he keeps me going back for more. I can honestly say that it’s been an absolute pleasure having his company.. he is a gentleman and a great conversationalist and a great lover.., what more could I ask for!!


- Melbourne 30th March 2020

If you can’t choose which escort will be the best experience, let me say, choose Andy.

If you want a perfect experience you’ve found the right guy. He ticks all the boxes. He’s got the tools for the job and is an expert in using them. He’s no apprentice.

We are a couple and booked him for 2 hours and it was worth every cent. He made the atmosphere very comfortable, respectful and enjoyable in every aspect.

He’s got stamina to last, conversation to keep it fun and we look forward to making this a regular thing.


Sarah & Stephen

- Sydney 29th March

Mr Torres, hmmm ..... where should I start!

He has sparkling eyes of blue and hales from the Emerald Isle to you.

A damn handsome man with a killer smile it’s true. He can be said to be 100% invested in the time spent with you.

He is devoid of sheer arrogance and likes a good chat. He will set you at ease with his calm charming chat because he is articulate, intelligent and socially adept.

On the king, he’s the king and sexy as hell. Tactile, respectful and masterful as well ...... an enjoyable dalliance..... yes ladies, he’s quite the date, that much I will state.

The fuss has been verified, yes indeed and I’m really not that easily pleased. Magic man, magic hands, magic d... !! (giggle)

I could have watched him shower for a whole other hour .... but sadly he got dressed and departed, leaving me exhausted yet smiling and with fond memories to ponder of our time together ....


- Adelaide 2nd March

I hit a low point in my life and I needed that boost of motivation that I couldn't get anywhere else. I had been on Andy's website for a few months before I had a few wines on a thur evening and got in touch. Within minutes of our conversation I felt very relaxed. I was planning on booking a 3hr date in a few weeks but lord be held within 1hr he was on his way!!!!

He looks as good in real life as his photos and is very charming. The way he operates is professional, seductive, charming, attentive and cheeky ! He is full of energy, chatty and very funny. My night was more than I could ever have imagined when I picked up that phone. Andy is addictive and I will absolutely be coming back for another fix soon. Thank you for being an amazing human and romodel escort!! 

Eastern Subs

- Sydney 28th Feb 2020

I was nervous at first for so many different reasons but Andy just brought out the best in me. He allowed me to feel comfortable and be me. He was on time and dressed beautifully. He took me for cocktails and I took him back to my hotel. It was amazing and three hours was too short. I am already planning my next overnight with Andy very soon. I highly recommend this kind, professional, open and down to earth man for all your needs.


- Sydney 26th Feb 2020

I flew Mr Torres to Melbourne recently as i just needed a confidence boost and i found myself with some free time. He is such a charmer, confident and the most attentive guy i have ever met. Our 6 HR date was spent chatting, laughing and he made me feel exactly how i wanted. I felt like I was being listened to and that i was important. Mr Torres is very easy on the eyes and he looks like his photos. I wanted a guy who was all the alpha characteristics without the cockiness and self important vibes. I absolutely got this and im very excited for our next date.


- Sydney 14th Feb 2020

I rang Andy for a birthday present for my wife's 35th! I was immediately impressed with his phone manner and professionalism. The booking went better than I could have asked for and we extended for an extra hour to have some drinks and chat about the experience. Well worth it

Happy Couple

- Sydney 22nd Jan 2020

A sensational experience that i will absolutely be doing again!


- Sydney 20th Jan 2020

I spent the most wondering evening and night with Andy on Friday. What can I say other than i am still smiling today. His approach is effortless, charming and professional. Within secs of meeting in The Rocks i was laughing and my nerves were gone. It was safe to say I knew I had picked the right guy!!!! Our evening flew past and before I knew it it was 1am and we headed back to our hotel. I wont go into any nitty details but this man is a professional in the bedroom!!!! yes do it ... and do it soon! have fun hehe


- Sydney 13th Jan 2020

Lives up to his reviews!

Thank you so much Andy for being trusting and such a gentleman xxx

F Herrington

- Brisbane 23rd Dec 2019

When I booked a massage I was expecting 1hour of relaxation..... 3hrs later and Andy was still with me hehe! Hes an expensive addiction but totally worth it!

Thanks Andy and thanks for the good company


- Brisbane 19th Dec 2019

After a long time of planning I finally got to meet Andy Torres. He was very confident on the phone and filled me full of high expectations, may i add that were all met. He is everything anyone could want from hiring a male escort ( maybe a little too good lol ) If this is your first time and you are nervous I would high recommend Andy. You will not be disappointed !!!

Laura Fenford

- Sydney 12th Dec 2019

The overnight was alot of fun!!


- Sydney 4th Dec 2019

Had the most sensual massage!!! He knows how to use his hands that's for sure!!!

Happy Women

- Sydney 26th Nov 2019

wow wow what can I say! I have such an amazing overnight booking with Mr Torres recently. He is super easy going ( which is what I needed as I was freaking out ) funny, well dressed and absolutely a charmer!! I had saved up and my expectations but Andy you smashed them on every level! Sex - amazing..... one question, when can we do it again!!! haha

Yes Just do it !!!!


- Sydney 16th Nov 2019

I have recently spent a lot of time with Andy both in Brisbane & Sydney. He is a very caring genuine person with a very cheeky side, which is very appealing to me ! We have shared a lot of fun, laughter food & wine and spent a lot of time in the bedroom naked which has been amazing ! For me feeling comfortable, safe & connecting with someone is very important that I am intimate with & Andy certainly delivers everything that I like ! I also love our passion for the same music it is incredible !! We might even go on tour together !! Musically that is !!!! Thank you Andy for being so sexy, fun & special in my life xx

Mayan Girl

- Brisbane 31st Oct 2019

Im not really sure I can say anything more than what has been said already about Mr Torres but I will give it a go! I have seen in 4 times in the past few months and with the last booking being a 24 hour date in Newcastle. Having never hired a male escort before I was very nervous so the first booking was 2 hours, the next was 3 hours, followed by an over night then a 24 hour booking. As you can probably tell from my line of dates I really was caught off guard by how much I would enjoy Andy's company and how much he seems to enjoy mine. Time literally just flies past and honestly 2 hours is like two blinks of the eye. What you get when you book Andy is the upmost respect, professionalism and naughtiness that will leave your heart pounding and pants wet ( sorry!! ) This guy knows what he is doing, and he is soo dam good at being flirty but mixing it will respect and seductiveness. Everything is perfect every-time I met him. The date consists of him teasing me about my hair, or clothes or the way I say something and ends with passionate, cheeky intimacy. Mr Torres charges more, if not the most from all the other guys in Australia but that's because he is honestly the best, and I can promise you now, you wont be disappointed and you wont do it just the once! Enjoy! Alice x

Alice in Wonderland

- Adelaide 23rd Oct 2019

I met Andy in Melbourne this past Sunday and initially, i was terrified. A shaking, anxious mess. Any concerns I had were quickly relieved upon meeting. Andy is warm, calm, approachable and down to earth. Everything followed so naturally that the 3 hours felt like 1. Andy kept me present and in the moment the whole time, which with my anxious brain, is not an easy thing to do. I cannot recommend him more.

Andy, thank you.


- Melbourne 15th Oct 2019

Booked Mr Torres last wed morning in Sydney... Must say it was very out of the blue for me and I have never done anything like this before. Honestly I sort of expected the whole thing to be very staged, and abit acted out but what I got what something I really didn't expect. This guy is one of the most genuine people I have met in a very long time, it felt natural, he is very smooth in the bedroom and his people skills are second to none. I really really enjoyed myself and really didn't i would have as much fun as I did......never mind make a second booking before he left!!! lol!


- Sydney 8th Oct 2019

I meet Andy during his tour in Adelaide for 2 hours and I highly recomend. He is special.
After divorced for while, I decided to have this sort of date.
I looked all Scarlet Blue and Andy Torres was the only who turned my attention: handsome, stylist, type of beard which I like and a very interesting body.
I loved his profile because no vulgar terms, no selling over promisses.
In his black and white photo, he has a discrete cheeky smile which seduced me.
In almost of photos, he is looking at camera and sounds that he was looking at me and saying: You are in good hands and safe and we will have a good time.
We met in the reception of hotel and in person he attented my expectations: an absorbing apparence, lovely man, respectiful, stylist and a sexy irish acent.
A man who you will be proud being your companion.
When he was drinking his beer and I was drinking my red wine, we talked about he talked about his life and trips and my life and career as engineer.
He asked how to say some words in my first language - it was adorable.
I was so nervous that I was surprise that I had a coherent conversation.
However Andy has a magnetic presence and a pleasant smell - something that it is important to me - and we had an enjoyable time, a kind of menthal foreplay.
We went to his room, sit on the sofa and finally I appreciated his beard and silk skin.
I lost myself when his hand touch my body. I took his shirt, pants and underwear off. And yes, it is big. And tastes delicious.
I began for begging to go to bed and we finished our date.
If it is your first time in this sort of date, I highly recommend Andy Torres: kind, lovely, sexy.
If you another experience, I highly recommend Andy Torres: magnetic, silk skin and silk touch.
Wild? I don't know... I was too busy losing myself and it was my intention.


- Adelaide 1st Oct 2019

Andy has that rare and beautiful ability to sense and deliver exactly what you need physically and emotionally. His mind is as attractive as his stunning body, addictive accent and perfect face. He is incredible company and an impeccable lover. I left with such feelings of lightness, contentment and the most delicious physical exhaustion.


- Sydney 30th Sep 2019

I have had a couple of bad experiences with escorts. Mr Torres came to Adelaide and got in touch which I was pleased about because I was no longer going to go down this path.
Im definitely glad I did! I'm quite shy when it comes to intimacy, but Andy made me feel so at ease we talked the whole 3 hrs. Ending on a very surprising note for me. Andy definitely knows what he is doing and is so attentive. I've always been embarrassed to be pleasured without reciprocating at the same time. But Andy makes u so comfortable and is so open.
Thanks Andy I won't forget it. Hope so see u again.

Shy Mouse

- Adelaide 30th Sep 2019

We had an absolutely fantastic couple booking with Andy recently! We booked for 2hrs initially but after we shared some wine from Margret River and had plenty of good laughs to break the ice the time was flying by so we extended for another hour. We wanted an experience where we could get to know Andy on more than just a physical level, someone easy going who could sit around for a while and not get weird. My wife instantly feel in love with his accent and smile. Over all it was a great evening and we both walked away feeling we made the perfect choice with Andy.

Like he says, if you're going to do this, do it right the first time and book a professional!

Thankful Couple

- Sydney 28th Sep 2019

For me I love playful banter and Andy was able to provide that for me prior to getting physical. As you would expect he was respectful of my wishes and only progressed further once I was comfortable. He is smooth in the bedroom and can provide you with ideas for future encounters with other males and is happy to experiment things with you should you wish. In conclusion i reckon I got my money's worth 🙂

Passion Fruit

- Melbourne 19th Sep 2019

Mr Torres gave me a night to remember. With my 3 hour Melbourne booking, I got the judgement-free and easy conversation I was hoping for. We had some great laughs. My favourite parts would have to be his genuine nature and impressive biceps.


- Melbourne 16th Sep 2019

I feel a little embarrassed writing this but I just wanted to tell you all about the fabulous night I had with Mr Torres recently!! It has been around 6 years since I have been intimate with a man, even 3 years since a kiss!!! I was recommended that i get the ball rolling again and see a male escort, at first I was thinking absolutely not but after it playing on my mind I googled escorts an came across this guys profile. I must admit I was caught of guard and after reading his profile and see his picks I couldn't stop thinking about it. I made contact and before you know it I was on the phone laughing away. I booked an overnight and wow it was happening!!! #help!!

Andy is everything anyone could honestly want from hiring a male escort. He is very attentive, well mannered, well dressed and he really enjoys his job. We had quite a few drinks and the chat flowed effortlessly. The intimacy was reallyyy good... without acting or trying to put on a show he genuinely knows what he is doing, manoeuvres his body and positions in the most intimate ways. Overall this experience has been alot more than I could ever have asked for. Again I feel caught of guard about how much I enjoyed this..... and of course.... how much im looking forward to doing it again lol! If you are considering taking the leap as i did, give Andy a call.... and I can promise you won't regret it. Lyreen xxx


- Sydney 27th Aug 2019

First Time
I had left it way too late to have that first experience and needed to take matters into my own hands. I call it luck when I stumbled across Mr Torres site. I took a chance and just booked. The first phone call resulted in him setting my nerves at ease. The start of the three hour session began over drinks with casual conversation. It was very easy talking to Mr Torres about anything and everything within the world around us and I almost forgot the reason for our meet. What a great communicator!

Mr Torres was kind, gentle and considerate to my needs. He was generous with his knowledge, with my many questions, having not navigated in this type of intimacy before. Overall, I'd recommend Mr Torres to anyone who is looking for an experienced, intelligent and cultured individual who seeks to accommodate your every need.

Thank you Mr Torres


- Sydney 26th Aug 2019

I was stopping over last week in Sydney for a business trip and found myself glaring through scarlet blue. I came across Mr Torres profile. His photos and elegant biography had me sucked in. 2hrs later and we were enjoying a few cocktails at the Grand Hyatt... this guy is a great communicator, he is very funny and also very charming and caring. To be honest I felt very relaxed very fast and of course had to extend our time. 2hrs turned into 4hrs easily.... In the bedroom Andy knows exactly what to do, where to go, how to manoeuvre his body and parts!!! The experience for me, was a complete success and I will absolutely be coming back for more once I get a trip to Sydney again! Thanks and mawh xxx

Lauren E

- Sydney 10th Aug 2019

Do yourself a favour - you won't be disappointed!


- Melbourne 5th Aug 2019

After a fun night out with friends and a few drinks, I got back to my hotel room feeling a little horny. Recently out of a long term relationship with below average sex, the last thing I wanted to do was hook up with some guy from a bar which could potentially turn out to be really bad sex. Soooooo..... with a stiff drink in hand I jumped online, researched male escorts and came across Andy's profile, read his reviews and before I know it I had messaged Andy for a last minute 1 hour sex fest! I was quite surprised/lucky to get a message back and 45 mins later Andy was knocking on my hotel door. To be honest this was purely sexual for me but what I didn't bank on was enjoying Andy's company as well and after chatting and a couple of drinks later an hour had already flown by....... so naturally I had to extend Andy's time so I could satisfy my urge ;-). And satisfied I was, it was so freakin awesome to have sex with an experienced and confident lover. Prior to this very fun experience, I thought I had lost my sex drive - now it is back with a vengeance and I feel more sexy and confident overall. Ps. I have already booked Andy in for our next session, stay tuned for round 2 hehe 🙂

Satisfied Lady

- Sydney 2nd Aug 2019

Mr is a blessing and I cannot thank him enough! I've always been terribly nervous and inexperienced when it comes to sex so I decided to try a new experience. Mr was amazing. He's the first person I've really spoken to about some of my hang-ups about sex. His expertise even extended to a sex therapist with benefits! I wanted to learn more and Mr was incredibly caring and patient. I made more progress in two nights than I have in years - what a legend! So while all the others ladies can attest to his fine skills in the bedroom, I will say that Mr is an absolute gentlemen and definitely takes the time to listen and give you what you need. Thanks so much x


- Sydney 22nd July 2019

This is the 2nd time I've seen Mr. Sometimes things don't always turn out like you hoped for and this happened to be one of those times. Mr couldn't have been more of a gentleman and was, as always, very kind, accommodating and understanding. If you're reading this Mr Torres, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loveliness.


- Sydney 20th July 2019

Mr Torres is a beautiful person who knows exactly what he's doing. He is sweet, charming and has a depth of kindness which I found extremely appealing.
He was absolutely lovely given it was my first time being with someone in 2 years and he was so adaptable to the situation.
I initially booked in for a 4 hour session however ended up extending to an overnight.
Absolutely perfect.. Thanks Mr. Man (wink wink)


- Newcastle 15th July 2019

It had been a loooong time since I had been intimate with a guy; work, travel, more work, the usual excuses, and though I am more than happy being single, well…. a girl has needs! So, I started to think about a male escort and, whether I could actually go through with it. I had seen Mr’s profile a number of times when researching, then one day I decided to take more notice. I am quite a bit older than Mr, and have been a little conscious of this, but I read his reviews, I already loved his photos so I bit the bullet and decided to make contact. I’m so very glad I did. During our initial phone call, I felt very relaxed. He does conversation well! It’s a pleasure to speak with him. And that accent!!
I booked an overnight for our first date, with the intention that I would book again in a few months’ time but I couldn’t wait that long! LOL. I have just spent a second date with Mr, this time 24hrs, and it was so nice, fun and chilled. I am planning another 24hrs or more for the next one.
I believe there are all kinds of friendships, some which happen of their own accord, and some we make happen… Mr is becoming a friend with benefits ;-). And oh those benefits….
If you are reading these testimonials and trying to make a decision, stop trying, just make contact, chat with Mr on the phone, and your mind will be made up. Life is short! Take every moment. Enjoy! 🙂

Karl RT

- Gold Coast 5th July 2019

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Mr over the Queen's Birthday Long weekend whilst I was in Sydney. After drooling over his black and white headshot photo for ages, I finally bit the bullet and arranged a meeting with him. He is exactly how he looks in his photos and is confident, chatty and VERY cheeky; needless to say, I was very impressed. I thought I was pretty fit but after our intimate time together, I think I'll have to up my game; his stamina is phenomenal. Thank you for a wonderful time, Mr, I hope to see you sometime soon

Sarah A

- Sydney 15th June2019

Morning ladies. If your like me, you are reading testimonials on Scarlet Blue to help you make the right choice for you. So this is my second testimonial for Mr. I am writing this with a post-Mr morning glow. I had an incredible experience with Mr last night, and I've booked him again for a 48hr experience in July. You may have noticed that you need to plan ahead to ensure you get the time of your choosing with Mr, because he's a busy boy lol. I no longer refer to my time with Mr as a 'date' because his approach is so easy going and relaxed and a 'date' with anyone can be unpredictable. Spending time with Mr is predictable. He is kind, funny, charming and hot!!! But more importantly he is adaptable to my mood or the atmosphere when we are together. I not silly enough to imagine that he is just enjoying my company. He is, very subtly, working very hard to adapt to my needs: be it to chat, be playful, listen to my life woes or rock my world! lol Basically, Mr's service is so nuanced that it feels like a shared experience, and one for which I happy to pay $1000s, even with my limited income. His ability to be in the moment with me and take care of me emotionally, while meeting the needs I am obviously looking for in hiring a sexual service, is truely awe inspiring. I know I sound like I'm exaggerating, but I'm not lol! Mr is the best escort available for us Ladies!!!!!


- Sydney 24th May

What a wonderful date I have had with Mr 2 weeks ago. He is very charismatic and this i love about him. I am not a model myself and felt rather embarrassed calling on Mr for a date. He made me feel like the number one lady, give me an amazing confidence boost and showed me all the nice things about myself that I never even realised. Im sure being an escort is hard sometimes but I know Mr loves what he does. He is passionate about being that someone who can lift your confidence and gives you a smile when doing so. I really like his charming smile and and how does dresses.... He is a professional, a true escort and the one you should book a date with if you are in the same position that i am in..... You will laugh, you will have great sex and most of all you will be glad you chose the Irish Charmer. J x


- Sydney 15th May

I went looking for an escort service when I was just shy of a 5 year sexual drought. After 1 false start with another escort, I made a last minute 2 hr date with Mr. I was so impressed that I extended the date and booked a follow up over night date before he left. I had low expectations but Mr showed me that not all escorts are equal. He’s hot, he’s funny, he’s so very easy to talk to and he’s kind. Sexually I can’t imagine a woman alive who would be disappointed with Mr, nor be able to be stop grinning for days. However what impressed me the most was that I was so comfortable with him that I was left with a feeling like I had paid for an experience, no different to paying for a holiday. I certainly felt like I’d been on holidays when I returned home. If you want incredible sex, and that’s different for everyone, I guarantee that you can have it with Mr. As with anything, you get what you pay for, but with Mr you are getting a bargain. I would have happily paid double. In short, Mr will not disappoint.


- Sydney 10th May

I decided to treat myself for my 29th birthday last week and booked Mr Torres for a 24hr booking. Mr is such a pleasing bit of eye candy. He made me feel instantly at ease and we shared some great stories from me falling off ladders lol to his adventures around the Canadian Rockies. He is very well built ( alllll over 😉 and has got a stunning body, without going over board and not looking natural! He looks fabulous and all the hard work in the gym pays off. He is also a great kisser, controlled, slow and intimate.... just how I like it. Overall my date with Mr totally flew!!! I want to thank him for his patience, small kind gestures and most of all for making me feel like the luckiest girl in Sydney for 24hours. As soon as I gather up some $ again we will catch up! Sarah xox

Sar T

- Sydney 1st May

I called Mr last Monday evening for a 3hr date. We met for dinner at Aria restaurant and had a wonderful meal. I was not feeling so great due to a few things going on in my life but Mr had me laughing alot though dinner, thanks Mr! Our date was supposed to be 3hrs but i asked him to stay another hour in the hotel room. He has got a very good presence and never once did I feel nervous or uneasy. I love his accent and he has beautiful eyes. I hope to see him again next month. I wanted to write him a review as a token of my appreciation for being a gentleman for the respect he showed me, and the cheekiness when the time was right.


- Sydney 20th April

My partner and I have been seeing Mr Torres for over a year now and he introduced us to Scarlet Blue for the ladies too, fantastic website! Mr is genuinely a great guy, and we love having him over. It started off as a 1hr booking but as we got more comfortable and relaxed we like to see him now for 3/4hrs which includes dinner drinks and some fun of course. We would class him as a friend, a friend with benefits! He is always very well mannered in our home and full of jokes and smiles and comes well dressed everytime. I wont touch too much on the cheeky side of things but I will say he is very good at what he does. Kate S x

Kate S

- Sydney 7th April

Cheeky, exciting, and spontaneous haha Im not new to hiring an escort in Melbourne but it was my dad's birthday and while being in Sydney I decided to have some fun. Mr was exactly what I wanted, i am 1/3 Irish so i cant get enough of the accent ( my soft spot hehe ) He is gorgeous is person with piercing eyes and a welcoming smile.... The biceps aren't bad either 😉 Intelligent well spoken. I admired how we was a giver and spent our time together attending to my needs, though I feel it should be a two way street so I tried my best to please! The 4hrs flew in and I hope to catch up with you again Mr Torres! X


- Sydney 28th March

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr for a 24 hour date in Sydney just a couple of weeks ago. Never having hired a male escort before and coming out of a bad failed marriage I was jumping into this head first and was very nervous to say the least!! Upon speaking on the phone for 30mins prior to meeting I was feeling alot more relaxed and confident i was doing the right thing. When we met i was greeted by a charming smile and instant jokes which made me feel instantly at ease. We spent the day sight seeing in tour and being tourist in our own city. The conversation was intellectual and Mr is very knowledgeable on a wide range of topics. He made me feel like there was no one else around and all his attention was spent on me which was just what I needed. I had only ever slept with one man ever so I was very anxious about our bedroom time. I cant thank him more about how gentle and understanding he was. There was no pressure of any sort and he took his time and progressed as the more comfortable I got. My only complaint is that the 24hrs went too fast!!! Before our date i was nervous and wondering if I was doing the right thing and just after 24hrs I feel joined at the hip with Mr and saddened that it had all come to an end... This wont be the last time I catch up with Mr Torres and I look forward to exploring each other on a deeper meaningful level.

Annie S

- Sydney 20th March


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