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The Sydney escort service is changing

The Sydney escort industry has been around a long time and as most people know it’s the oldest recorded profession in the world. As with all industries and professions they expand, grow, change and shrink. 2400 BCE is the earliest recorded mention of escorting as an occupation in Uruk. The industry certainly has changed a lot in this time and the reasons for people engaging in these services are now widely varied.

Male escorts Sydney are not selling sex

I can say with some degree of certainty that the main changes in escorting happened in the past 50 years ago. Back in the old times I can’t help but think that people only engaged in this service for a purely physical need. We are all human and we all have needs and when you can pay for this need to be satisfied then of course why would you not call a male escort in Sydney. As the whole world changed by the year and we moved into a more digital and online life full of personas and influence people started to crave more than just a physical need. We sadly live in a world where people live on social media and Instagram. We see photos on Facebook, in magazines and plastered on every billboard about how much your life can be better if we just purchased this service or changed this. All of this online influence, fake scene setting and showcasing of lives that don’t really exist has opened the gates to the grass is greener syndrome. They see celebrities living these portrayed amazing lives and all their friends on Facebook in happy relationships. With so much of this ‘amazing’ lifestyle imagery being pushed into our lives it’s no wonder that people are wanting and crazing the desire to be in a relationship and to live those lives that they think other people are happily living.

Sex is sex, and most women can get that at the click of a finger or if they walk into any bar and wanted to pick up. That line would make you wonder why the Sydney male escort industry is thriving then? It all comes back to people wanting more and knowing where they can now turn to get that. Im escort industry is not just about sex anymore, its much much deeper than that. There is doubt that sex is at the core of the profession but without all those layers on top of the sex then the straight male escort industry in Sydney would absolutely not exist. The term boyfriend experience sums up what I am trying to say. It is not called the sex experience because this is not what people want. People want a real, true and authentic boyfriend experience in Sydney just like what they are being sold on all those billboards, magazines and what they are seeing on social media.

Women want a real boyfriend experience

Being an authentic male escort in Sydney who cares deeply for the needs and feelings of your clients, ps I really don’t like calling my clients my clients. To me they are my friends, my lovers, my companions…. They are so much more than some clinical words. But those Sydney male escorts who are able to provide the, of course, amazing sex, but with all the other deep emotional feelings and attachments with the securities and genuineness are now top of the game because that is what women want. We live in a world where everything is on demand, uber, food, doctors and still escorts. But the difference is we are not just providing our bodies we are providing an emotional experience as well. We are showing our companions in Sydney what the light is at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel which is what they find what they are looking for in a long term partner. Sydney male escorts are there to meet the ladies needs in a physical and emotional manner with no strings attached, it’s no wonder that this service is in such demand. Now I am not that naive to think that this is what every male escort in Sydney is offering and that this is what every client wants but from my own personal experience this is by far what people are wanting. When I am with my lovers I often get told that the situation is really not what it seems. That they do not feel that they have hired a male escort and that it seems like we have known each other a long time and we are just two humans who love each other’s company emotionally and physically. This makes me so happy to hear. Not because the women are believing some game I am playing but because they love me for who I genuinely am and I love them for just the same. It is an amazing agreement that works for everyone. I really hope that the male escort industry keeps moving in this direction. A direction away from the bad side of things and more into what it is evolving into. An industry where people are reaching out to someone who can meet their needs in the most caring and understanding manner without having to worry about any strings attached. Working as one of the male escorts in Sydney has taught me a lot about myself and taught me a lot about women in general. I know I have helped many people through all kinds of situations small and big and in turn those women have helped me to grow and learn and for this I am very thankful!