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While selling of the flesh has been present since the dawn of time, numerous social stigmas harbor today’s sex industry.  Whether you’re an escort, or you engage one, our society today, even with its modern technological advances, still see the profession in a light other than positive. Once or twice in a man’s life cycle, he will find himself interested in escorts, sex and how it’s going to feel to be in the company of someone who uses their body for income. And that’s just human nature because, at our basest, we are curious and insatiable creatures.

So if you’re at that stage in your life where you have the inkling and the desire to experience the wonderful world of escorts, here is a short primer on the types of escorts that you can engage.

Window Worker

Popular in Amsterdam, this type of escorting, or prostitution literally displays the girls on windows. This is to entice passersby to go inside the brothel – have a drink and maybe – possibly take home some girls. Window workers are usually the prettiest or have the best body of the bunch.   This type was abundant in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, mining town.

Another type of window worker is when you pay to go to a “secret sex shop” where at the back, girls of every shape and colour are waiting for you to see them perform. There’s a glass window separating you and her. You come in through a door – which basically is a curtain – pay them on a coin slot, and the girl behind the glass will appear. These type of workers may or may not have sex with their patrons, but they’re paid by the hour plus the tips you give them for viewing them.

Independent Escort/Call Girls

These are the type of workers that you have to look really hard to engage with. They operate in secrecy, and often, they already have a list of regular clientele. These girls find sexual rendezvous works for themselves. You can find them online if you know where to look. Independent escorts charge more for the hour, but you get the convenience of discretion, more professional as they aren’t sharing all their fees and usually visiting in an apartment or house..

For most people today, especially the modern professional discreet gentleman, these are the type of escorts who are preferred. You won’t see these girls on regular brothels and bars, and the exclusivity of meeting her privately is part of the experience and the thrill.  Those that like to go out drinking at night and maybe get horny and can’t pickup or have anyone to go home to, will then usually visit a brothel.

Brothel Employees

This is the most straightforward escorts of the bunch. You go to a brothel, which – may or may not have a reputation, you have drinks and spend an hour or so, or spend the night with a lovely girl you choose. Or two. Or three. Depending on what number you prefer. Brothel employees usually masquerade as waitresses, chatting you, serving you drinks etc – and some of them have really been offered waiting jobs, without prior knowledge that it can turn into something more in some countries – they bring you drinks, conversation with you, and make you feel entertained and special.  You like one of them, you book at reception to enjoy further company alone. Most girls in a brothel have the same rate and know that part of that rate goes to their handlers.

Escort Agency Employee

These workers are carefully selected and vetted upon by an agency. You go through an agency, which as an aside, can only be accessible if you know the right people, and you choose a girl of your preference, online or offline. Most of these girls are on-call, and they don’t work in a specific type of place. They usually prefer you have the place, or if not – in a hotel or a private location. And they come to you. Among them escorts in sydneyescorts in melbourne and escorts in brisbane have greater demands.

An interesting piece of information about escort agency employees is that they cater to the men over 30 years old without an active sex partner, according to Australian Study of Health & Relationships.

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