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Types of people who hire male escorts

People who hire male escorts in Sydney

I shall start this off pretty fast and say there is no such thing as types of people who hire escorts. By saying this it, implies that people who reach out to companions in Sydney are different from other people who do not. I have people reach out to me from all ends of the spectrum. Some girls are 18 and want to have their first experience with a man in a controlled environment, where they get to choose how date will unfold. In the vast majority of cases for girls who have never had sex their first time with a ‘civilian’ is not something to boast about. It usually entailed lots of alcohol, two people who don’t know what they are doing and a messy experience which comes complimentary with a bad hangover. Losing your virginity to a professional male escort in Sydney is a fantastic idea, and i am not just be biased. You get to choose someone who you have read lots about to make sure your personalities are on the same page, you get someone who is guaranteed to make you feel special, respect you and to engage in a practice that has your own best intentions at heart.

It’s about the no strings attached

There is also many couples who want to try a cuckold experience after many years together or even couples who have given each other a pre-marriage have gift before the big day! Couples is a large part of my business in Sydney and I can totally understand why this is so. When people have been together for a certain amount of time and their emotional bond is unbreakable then their physical desires can grow and they want to experience new things. No matter what happens from the time I enter and until the time I leave their is always such a good vibe in the room and everyone is happy to see everyone else happy. There is no amount of physical fun, no matter how good to break the strong bond that couples have.

The popular male companion service Sydney

Another side of the business is single ladies. Again there is a multitude of reasons why women reach out to me for my Sydney companion service. They range from wanting to tick something off a bucket list to, having a dry period to wanting to go on social dates or just wanting good company. I have single mums, divorced ladies, married ladies and everything else in between. I believe I am easy to get on with and enjoy meeting people, this is why I nearly ended up in a career as paramedic… I guess you could say I am still I am there in times of need! 😉 Sometimes women say to me that they don’t ‘need’ to hire because they could pick up in a bar and this i totally believe. Business women who are killing it in life and any man would love to slip a ring on it. But again i have come to find that this service is so popular not due people needing it but because it is convenient to people and it offers what they want at the right time with no strings attached. So if you are feeling like reaching out to me, then do. Join the ladies and couples who live on the wild side, do something different and feel alive. I can promise you now… I still yet someone to tell me with was not worth it!