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Your dream holiday with a male escort

There are many reasons for people wanting to hire a male escort Sydney. When I first joined I was not sure why people would be reaching out to me but after being in this profession for a few years now I have come to learn that many women and couples all have their own reasons for reaching out to a male escort Sydney. For anyone who has not taken the plunge and booked a male escort from Sydney they will find that most of male escorts offer a variety of services. With so many male escorts Sydney offering these services you are sure to find a male escort service that is suited to your needs at any time. There are all the pretty basic reasons why a woman might call on a male escort Sydney then there are other reasons that would not be so obvious. The obvious reason is for wanting a sexual service in Sydney. Of course being one of the male escorts Sydney you would think its just all about sex, but that could not be further from the truth. I offer a wide variety of services which a lot are not sexual in any manner. I have been booked for such dates as going on weekly bush walks, going to the cinema and even just coming to the park to lay in the sun. I do think this is what separates my male escort services from most others in the male escorts Sydney industry. I am able to provide a wide variety of dates and services, though you could say that these all fit into the boyfriend experience. 

The male escorts Sydney travel date

One of the more gold class experiences would certainly be dates including travel and holidays, domestic or abroad. Ever since my first trip to Spain many years ago I developed a strong love for travel and planes. The excitement of going to the airport is always so exciting for me. It’s a path that when you are on you know you are going on an exciting trip out of Sydney and on a fun adventure. I have done quite a lot of travelling in the past 12 years and been to Countries such as Canada, Vietnam and Dubai. I feel free being lost in another country. It can be quite hard to describe why, but the feeling of wandering  strange streets on a Tuesday morning trying new food and seeing new sights makes me feel so free from the chains of everyday life. Myself as a male escort Sydney I do offer such services for international travel. It’s something that I neve really advertised much in the past few years but it is something that I am going to push more through my business in 2020. International travel may be off the cards for quite some time but that does not stop us booking a weekend in the Margaret River in perth or flying to Broome where the winter sun shines strong in 30c.

I don’t think there are many women who could say they do not like traveling and going on holidays but there is always the same story as to why it does not happen as often as people would like. Everyone lives such busy lives and it can be a struggle to just meet up with people for a few drinks never mind going on holidays! 

The male escort Sydney boyfriend experience

The joys of hiring a male escort boyfriend experience to come on a holiday of you is that you get everything that you could possibly want on your dream holiday. You get to pick one of the male escorts Sydney who you are attracted to and love spending time with. You get a male escort who is available and 100% on your time scale. You don’t have to worry about trying to decide what to do on your holiday or where to go because you get to call the shots on what you want to see and when you want to see it. Of course any woman that I have met would never want to take me on a holiday if I did not want to go or was unhappy being trailed around to places that I did not want to go. What I am trying to say is that whichever male escort in Sydney you choose to come on your holiday you would have no stress or problem coming up with simple plans that both of you are happy with.

Everyone loves going on holidays

So if you are really wanting to go away for a break away, may that be just down into the blue mountains for a night or a trip to Cairns to swim with the sharks on an overnight boat then you should really consider booking a male escort like myself for your travel partner. I can tick all your boxes and turn this holiday into the dream holiday that you have always wanted to have!

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